Senior Full Stack Web Developer offering 8+ years’ experience, specialized in backend and frontend development. Strong background with platforms and frameworks such as Magento, Symfony, Laravel, Wordpress. Well-versed in programming languages and tools including PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Sass, SQL, Docker.


Senior Web Developer

Smartbox Group - Dublin, Ireland Apr 2016 – Present

Development of backend extensions, customisations and improvements for the Magento platform.

Engineering integration micro-services based on Symfony.The framing of a custom booking system from scratch using the Symfony framework.

Daily workflow and development use an Agile approach relying on JIRA project management, interacting with a vast team of developers spread across Europe and Asia.

Development languages and tools used on a daily basis are: PHP, PHPUnit, Behat, Magento, Zend Framework, Symfony, MySql, Docker, Git, Gitlab, Jenkins

Senior Magento Developer

180 Smoke Vape Store - Toronto, Canada Oct 2015 – Present

Maintaining a multi-store Magento platform, from server tuning to back and frontend customisations. Total Magento frontend refresh trying to use top technologies. Store data integration with ERP, servers managed both in Canada and US.

Technologies used on a daily basis: PHP, Magento, Zend Framework, Wordpress, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript, Vue JS, Docker, Git, Digital Ocean.

Senior Full Stack Web Developer

Freelance, self-employed - Worldwide 2014 – Present

Development of many websites and web-based systems using PHP based technologies. Responsible for the analysis and requirements gatherings, many times acting also as a consultor proposing the best solutions for each given problem.

Technologies and services used: PHP, Zend Framework, Laravel, Symfony, WordPress. CSS, Sass, Less. Javascript, jQuery, Vue JS. Git, Ansible, Docker. Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, Laravel Forge, Laravel Envoyer.

Senior Magento Developer

Kroton - Campinas Area, Brazil Nov 2013 – Nov 2014

Magento installation with many custom modules built from scratch, not relying on 3rd party plugins.

The store had to connect to many external systems like the Totvs Protheus ERP and a built-in learning management system.

Workflow and development followed an Agile methodology supported by the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services.


Technologies used: Magento, Zend Framework, PHP, MySql, CSS, Sass, Less, Javascript, jQuery, Nginx, Git, Subversion, Jenkins, Vagrant

Full Stack Web Developer

Art IT Intelligent Technology - Campinas Area, Brazil Dec 2009 – Nov 2013

Development of custom projects based on client’s needs, some of them were:

Technologies used: Magento, Zend Framework, Laravel, PHP, MySql, CSS, Sass, Less, Javascript, jQuery, Git, Vagrant.

Full Stack Web Developer

Visual Business Brazil - Campinas Area, Brazil Dec 2003 – Nov 2010

Totally customised web applications to provide business decision making dashboards based on data coming from the Totvs Protheus ERP.

Architecture and development of a light version ticketing system based on the Zendesk platform.

Technologies used: PHP, Zend Framework, Delphi, MS SQL Server, MySql, CSS, Javascript, jQuery